Dear colleagues!

We are glad to inform you that VII Russiawide with international participation scientific conference Molecular Diagnostics 2010 will be organized in Moscow in the 24-26th of November, 2010.

Conference organizators: The Federal Agency for supervision connected with safety of consumer rights, The Federal State Institution Central Scientific Research Institute of epidemiology of The Russian Consumer Supervision Ministry.

General partner: InterLabService Ltd.

There are some actual fields of molecular diagnostic will be discussed during the Conference:

• molecular technologies for infectious illnesses diagnostic;
• technologies of medical genetic diagnostic. New directions of molecular biology and gene-engineering in diagnostic;
• bio-safety;
• infectious illnesses of animals and birds;
• food and animal fodders safety;
• molecular diagnostic technologies in Court medicine and criminalistics;
• algorithms of use of modern laboratorial methods in clinical practice.

An exhibition will take place during the Conference.

There are directions of the Exhibition:

• innovations in sphere of diagnostic and treatment of infectious illnesses of human and animals;
• new products: laboratorial equipment, consumables, test-systems etc.;
• innovative technologies in sphere of control for infectious safety, food safety, animal fodders safety;
• new drugs for treatment and prophylaxis of infectious illnesses;
• new solutions for scientific researches in molecular biology and genetics.

Among participants there are management and the leading specialists of medical institutions of federal and regional statuses infectious hospitals, AIDS Centers, Blood Services, Centers of hygiene and epidemiology, clinic diagnostic laboratories, scientific institutes, dermatovenerologic dispensaries, etc.